Camp 4 – Oasis in the Sand

Camp 4

NickyWell this camp doesn’t look much, but I was super glad to find a patch of greenish sand to camp in. It generally means you get less loose sand and therefore less in your mouth, eyes, and hair when you’re trying to eat and dry off ;)

By Day 3 I had been starting to get rather hacked off with being a sticky human shaped lump of sandpaper :) But luckily we’d managed to camp next to a stream that night and get a bit of a wash, so technically by the end of Day 4 here we’re still ‘fresh’ ;)

We found some amazing flowers in this little oasis springing from a ground covering succulent plant. Big fist-sized lillypad-like flowers in pink and yellow. Really beautiful to see bright colours after days of beige ;) Although you can’t complain! Haha

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