Back in Auckland

Back in Auckland

NickyWe Made It! 600km In The Bag. I cannot bloody believe I’ve managed to get in a plane and fly somewhere, then walk all the way back. That’s just plain silly…

But i’m *well chuffed*. And I could never have made it without the help of the amazing Cookie!! He’s been leading the way, carrying aaaaall the weight, the food, the water, the tent and the kitchen; lifting me up high steps when my little legs were too short; feeding me sugar when I was flagging. So thank you Cookie! Can’t believe you’ve got me through it ;)  … WeyHey!

( Only 2400km left eh ;) ) haha! Getting fitter though! Surely!

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  1. Susan says:
    on 3rd Dec at 02:39 am

    Well Done!!!!

  2. PJ says:
    on 3rd Dec at 05:11 am

    Really loving your blog…some great photos too.

  3. Chris says:
    on 4th Dec at 01:56 am

    Well done guys, amazing result! Keep up the blogging it’s brilliant. Big Love from Blighty X

  4. nuzzaci says:
    on 7th Dec at 06:33 am


  5. heather says:
    on 5th May at 05:53 am

    I know it is like YEARS after you have done this, but I am so enjoying your story and you are inspiring my like you wouldn’t believe to do this hike! You two are great story tellers and I am glad to come across your blog! This blog is also well done, and very unique that you both often chime in about the experience. LOVE IT! :) thank you! I cannot wait to continue the tales of Cookie & Nicky!