Almost there, we’re right of the South Coast!


NickyThe sea!! We must be getting close now to the finishing line. Feels like we’re right at the end of the universe here. We decided to chill out for a bit and take in the moment… Have a rum and lime, and some fresh bread and butter for lunch. What could be better eh?

The thing I love about this spot is that it reminds me so much of Cornwall! The Lizard, the very tip of the UK, where I grew up. Crashing waves, green cliffs, the granite rocks beneath. Beautiful! We sat for a fair while here. I felt that, although we were about to reach our triumphant finale point, at the same time, I wanted to make it last as long as physically possible. Keep our Te Araroa alive as long as we could. This has been ‘life’ for us for so long – our nomadic existence. I suddenly didn’t want it to end. I felt a strange sadness I’d not expected to feel. Living in nature, carrying our wares on our back like giant multi-coloured snails, soon to be a memory – Our epic adventure was nearly done :'(

My god. Someone might actually make us take a shower too. Eeek! Frightening thought.

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