Across New Zealand in 3 and a half minutes!

I‘ve just finished this short highlights video of the Te Araroa. It’s roughly in chronological order from the Top of the North Island to the bottom of the south, unfortunately I don’t have any footage of us getting to the end due to a memory card malfunction… Song used: Bow Wow by Tommy Bass

Flickr photo set – I’ve edited our mountain of photos down to reasonably easy to flick through 200 photo set of the highlights. And then a slightly longer 1000 odd photo set that covers the trail in a bit more depth.

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  1. charlie says:
    on 8th Oct at 09:09 am

    great walking.

  2. Liam Thompson says:
    on 9th Dec at 01:37 am


    Thanks for the cool video. Looks like you had an amazing tramp. It has inspired me to find the time to do it. Your website and blog is beautifully designed.


  3. kiran says:
    on 20th Feb at 06:20 pm

    nice place to live video
    and adventure.

  4. LOKSAK says:
    on 22nd Feb at 09:38 am

    Extraordinary! We’re getting a lot of vicarious enjoyment watching you guys hike across New Zealand. Thanks for sharing the journey! Totally going to tell our fans to check this out!

  5. samy&july says:
    on 7th Nov at 04:05 pm

    Hi Cookie,
    we are walking the TA at the moment. We ve done already Cape Reinga to Auckland – we re enjoying this trail so much :-)!
    We plan to do a detour to Coromandel Peninsula. We have today and tomorrow for planning. Have you any hints for us? Thx for your maps these will help for sure.
    Would be great if you could send a short email with some comments to Coromandel :-)!
    All the best for you guys! Your blog and your videos were really inspiring for us to do this crazy adventure – thx for that!
    Samy&July from Vienna (Austria)

  6. on 25th Jun at 12:27 am

    Hi Niky and Cookie.. unfortunaltely the video on Vimeo seems to not be available anymore.. any chances to get a new link?

    My gf went to NZ inspired by your video a few years ago, now I would like to get some of that inspiration!