Saved by Bacon

Breakfast at the Deck Cafe

CookieDamp and dejected we decided to continue to Whangarei Heads and see if there was anymore boat action further around, we came across ‘The Deck’ cafe on our way and felt a cooked breakfast was well and truly in order. Luckily it seems other Te Araroa hikers had thought the same and the cafe owners Marlene and Kerry took one look at us and knew the score – having trouble hitching a ride?

Much to our delight they had a boat and were happy to ferry damp hikers across. Kerry had to run some errands in town first so Marlene drove us to their lovely holiday home so Nicky could get a shower and warm up first. Amazing people :)

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  1. Graham says:
    on 25th Nov at 11:07 am

    A little Breakfast envy here. My porridge didn’t look this good this morning. It’s just not fair.

    Where’s my wife to make a comment or two ;-)