Penguin Bird?

Penguin Bird

NickySome kind of bird here – walked like a Penguin but with a long gangly neck… A Ganet is it? Let us know if you know. There were bunches of them in the trees as we paddled and strode past. Pretty tame and busy with a whole load of shrieking raucous baby ones. How come babies are always louder than adults no matter the species?

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  1. Si George says:
    on 9th Nov at 03:14 am

    (Friend of Timothy Plumb)

    I believe that your feathered friend is a WHITE-BREASTED CORMORANT.

    happy trapsing

  2. on 9th Nov at 09:01 pm

    Hi guys, this is what we call a Pied Shag, mostly referred to as a Shag. No good to eat. Happy travels, Andre