Half Way Across New Zealand: 1500km On Foot!

Mt. Kau Kau, halfway point in sight!

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  1. Jim Fowle says:
    on 10th Feb at 10:23 am

    I have been following Cookie and his amazing work for a while hence I stumbled on this blog of what you to (mentalists) have taken on, and I just want to say congrats on getting half way!
    So chuffed you are religious with logging your day to day activities as from back in Blighty, (with the cold and rain( great to see how it’s going!
    Good luck to both of you and I look forward to seeing your progress! (As does the wife as I had to show her what two loons from the UK are up to!) ;o)

    P.s. Those big worms! Dang, not cool!