Freezing Cold Morning

Freezing Cold Morning

NickyDamn right! Brrrrrrrrr was this the coldest morning so far? It certainly felt like frost bite of the toes was highly possible once I’d stuffed my feet into my soggy wet river-soaked boots that had been left out all night in the freeze. My toes were so cold that the hearty stinging sensation had worn off only to be replaced with a suspicious complete lack of sensation. U-oh!

And if I thought that hurt, then just wait til we jumped into the icy river water a few times as we zig zagged down the dim valley. Jesus, that was proper pain! But woke me up at least ;) And made for good motivation to get cracking, get out of here, and catchup with those Tasty Trekkers who’d sneakily snuck by us! :)

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