View Back Up Arrow Gorge Road

View Back Up Arrow Gorge Road

NickyBeautiful view back up the river along the long jeep road. The colours of the trees were amazing. A beautiful set of yellows and oranges against the dark greens of the pines. I hoped we’d get back into town tonight and hangout with our mates. But I think we might catch the bus down to Queenstown and get a head start on the mountain of blogging to be done. And start preparing for the next phase of our adventure. We’ll catch our Te Araroa team mates in the pub at some point :) 

In fact the next night we hooked up for beers and a brilliant evening of stories and messing about in the Irish Pub :) They even brought us a banana cake they’d baked. Awesome! It’s been so much fun having a bunch of excellent compadres to spend time with and share our experiences with who’ve been through the same adventure. It’s so fascinating hearing how other people have understood or appreciated similar terrain and people, and what they’ve learnt and found difficult. What they did differently, and why. In general, how the experience differed from ours. Endlessly interesting!

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