Evil Kea Eats Ollie’s Tent!

Evil Kea Eats Ollie's Tent!

Nicky“Evil Kea ate our tent!”.
I wake up to some commotion. It was clear ‘they’d’ been on a rampage in the night. After wearing us down with sleep depravation tactics, and falling into a dangerously exposed deep sleep, they’d flocked upon us and shredded the shit out of Ollie’s poor tent. “You beaky bastards!”. I couldn’t believe it. Gapping holes, and peg loops strewn around, with possessions stolen and discarded around the river bank. A quick scout revealed a missing tent bag, and half eaten Tea Tree Oil DEODORANT, and a backpack burglary of a technically impressive nature indeed. Pulling off Ollie’s rain cover, uncoupling the lid, pulling out an inner bag, and running off with one of our weighty corn on the cobs!! I shit you not. 

This was SAS stuff. “Let’s get out of here” … “They’re coming… Run!”

CookieIf you were wondering why we were hiking with weighty corn on the cob, I’d like to remind you that Ollie and Nico did the supermarket shopping for this section! Drinking his deodorant? I certainly didn’t see that one coming.

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  1. Julie says:
    on 31st Mar at 01:39 am

    wow those birds do look pretty evil

  2. on 16th Jul at 12:53 pm

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