Yorkshiremen in the Mountains РHackett Hut

Yorkshiremen in the Mountains

NickyIt must be something they get taught at school in the north of England I imagine, but if there’s always one thing you’re guaranteed to find up a mountain, it’s a Yorkshireman.
And on bursting through the door at Hackett hut, ‘Ey up!’ we found just that. Introducing our fellow hiker for this section Andrew!

Our man from Leeds was an accomplished traveller and hiker. A story of adventure from every country on planet Earth. Bussing from India through communist Russia and back to Blighty. Hiking in the Columbian mountains when it was well dodgy. A very agreeable fellow with which to share bunks with indeed. And many a sunset tale was absorbed and gasped upon as we sipped our noodle soups.

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