Picturesque Camp Spot Below Mt Mahanga

Camping below Mt Mahanga

NickyTomorrow we conquer this bad boy behind me! Grrrrr! ( I’m slightly poo-ing my pants a bit to be honest! Looks well steep! ). But I’m up for it. It’s beautiful here. I’m not sure still how I’ve managed to end up in such a place, and that thought still scares me a bit when I look at those menacing jagged rock edges, but it’s breathtaking none the less.

As the sun slowly sets I feel like we’re pitched in the worlds largest fortress. Feels very strange, like we’re in some holographic experience and all this is just a mirage. I mean, why would I ever be up here in mountains like this? It doesn’t seem real.

Tomorrow it will seem real though, probably too real, as I’m perched in a slippery slope of rubble several hundred meters up in the air. I can’t even contemplate that right now or I won’t sleep! For someone who doesn’t like heights, I seem to have gotten myself into some pretty high places recently!

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