Pampas Grass & Gorse

Nicky & Pampas Grass

CookieThe clearing left by the old logging road seems to be the perfect conditions for Pampas Grass and Gorse to grow.. The closer we got the (amusingly named) peak Pukemoremore, the thicker it got. The zig zag just before the trail leaves the old road was the worst.. landslides, fallen tress, gauze and pampas so thick it was hard to see any evidence of trail. I became convinced that the path must of been re-routed around this section and doubled back to the first blow-down to see if I could find any evidence of a new trail we’d missed. Nothing, so on we went!

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  1. TastyTrek says:
    on 9th Dec at 10:35 pm

    You found the track?! we followed your red line to the letter…. we went straight down the cliff!!!! literally.. i used the cutty grass to break my fall. but we made it to the bottom and climbed out into the stream. sooo many cuts.

    This thin red line is our saviour though… the only time it’s led us astray!.

    Thanks guys!

  2. on 10th Dec at 06:29 am

    Oh no! Don’t worry that is the trickiest bit so far, it all gets much easier from now on :) There’s a few times that I’ve noticed my red line hasn’t quite been right, don’t follow it to the letter, use your judgement, it’s only an indication! There’s a section before Wellington in the Tararua where I just made it up because there was no route description. I believe the Te Araroa site now has an updated route up now, so definitely check that beforehand.