Our Mate

Our Mate Marmite

NickyI’m packing Marmite as a special luxury for this section. And it’s bloody amazing. So I’ve tried to pay tribute to it’s taste bud boggling qualities by shooting it a soft focus vignette portrait…

I’m picturing a piece of history here. When Marmite first came to these shores in the handbag of arrogant chef Captain Cook, he had no idea that the Maori had already invented it hundreds of years before. ‘Marmite’ in NZ comes in red cylindrical pots. So poor old Pomme Marmite is relegated to the name Our Mate… It’s just not cricket is it!

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  1. wetwebwork says:
    on 7th Dec at 09:34 pm

    thought for a moment that was the smallest jar ever on the tip of your finger and wanted one! =)

  2. PTC says:
    on 7th Dec at 10:50 pm

    Yeah mate, that was the exact same thing that i thought when i first saw it.

    I know i always pack light when out hiking but you two really are going to the extreme =p

  3. Nicky says:
    on 8th Dec at 04:50 pm

    Ha ha :D

  4. Nick says:
    on 15th Jul at 03:06 am

    There isn’t any proof that Marmite was invented in New Zealand. Even the NZ Marmite website isn’t claiming this to be the case! It’s British mate ;-)