Joining the Tribe at Tieke Kainga Marae, and a Dip!

swimming at  tieke kainga

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  1. Jane and Nick says:
    on 9th Jan at 05:37 am

    Hey Nicky & Cookie,

    Looks like you’re getting right to the heart of NZ with the marae experience, as always loving the pics and stories!
    FYI a song in Maori is generally called a karakia, and the nose-kissing is a hongi! Some other useful Maori words … kai – food, haere mai – hello/welcome, haere ra – goodbye, ka kaite ano – see you later/tomorrow and an important one: whare paku – toilet!!

    Loving the trip, it’s making me homesick,

    P.S. I’ll post this later on as being in Taranaki you should get a few chances to use Maori!