Friendly Locals

Checking Depth of Okura River

NickyEverywhere you go, people stop to chat to you. Even if you’re precariously balancing on a thin slice of sea wall with a giant backpack at the time :)

But today on our way along the shore, glancing over to the volcano and lighthouse in the distance a friendly old lady with her trainers on stride past us. She was extremely sweet and we had a good chat about the Te Araroa trail we’re following. I sure hope I’m so jolly, sharp and spritely when I’ve been married for 60yrs and I’m 80! What a hero!

As we walked essentially through people’s back gardens for parts of the section we tried really hard not to look like we were gawping through their windows too much ( even though we were ;) ), and even so people stopped their BBQ’s and approached us for a chat. Super relaxed and friendly bunch these kiwis so far!

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