Forest Throne

Woodland Throne

NickyOur aim for the evening was to pitch up at the ‘informal campsite’ in the beech forest up Freehold Creek. Well – it doesn’t get more ‘informal’ than this!! Poo-ing out in the open by the footpath. No screen or anything haha! Not even a bush for cover. The ‘Secret Loo’ was not much more than a wooden box above a dint in the ground. In fact, you had to lift your feet when sat on it as some of the contents had a tendency to leak out underneath! Wah!

But the best surprise of all was the hand-drawn ‘wanted poster’ taped under the lid. We kept our eyes peeled for the Ohau’s most wanted… I hoped he wouldn’t jump out on me while I was availing myself of the conveniences. But I guess if he had, what was the worst that could happen? I was already on the potty.

When we told the Tasty Trekkers about it later they were gutted they’d not had the chance for some alfresco ‘private time’ on the secret loo ;) If you’re in the forest and looking for a pit stop, keep your eye out for a blue bottle top nailed to a tree near an orange triangle. This signifies the path to relief!

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