Cool Old Tin Hut

Cool Old Tin Hut

NickyWe had been aiming to get as far into the national park as possible before night fall, and time was getting tight, when we suddenly stumbled across this amazing tin mustering hut! Peeking through the window, at the warm interior with our frozen faces against the glass we decided to pop in and get warm for a bit. Inside was a log book of people that had stayed. To our surprise it was chocka with Te Araroa hikers who’d come through before us. Alex & Shalane, Rebecca & Lucy, Michael & Elna, and a pencil drawn alien face ( whom I strongly suspected was the work of the Tengu … ). Perplexingly though no Tasty Trekkers had signed in… Maybe they were behind us after all? We shall see!

And so, with the cloud drawing in and the chance of sleeping in freezing rain again, we decided that perhaps it’d be wisest to get zipped into our RAB snoozebags and ride out the chilly temperatures from the safety of inside for the evening.

That turned out to be a very good call indeed!

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